abstract photography

When you first think of abstract photography you think of images like this:

These image are abstract as they don’t reveal the whole object to the audience so it leaves unanswered questions. What I love most about abstract photography is that it can be ambiguous and polysemic. There is no standard, universally accepted definition of abstract photography. Actually, it is not easy to create a clear-cut definition of an abstract concept. However, for the purposes of this article series, it is necessary to create a definition in order to put some boundaries around the topic. (1)When it comes to my own images I will not be taking similar photos to the one above, as I am taking landscape images and turning them into something more creative and abstract. However I do want to push the ‘boundaries’ when it comes to editing my photos instead of capturing textures, patterns and colour I am going to be adding them in. The examples I have looked at don’t reveal the whole photo, whereas I am taking whole landscape images, but will try at use an abstract approach by adding creative elements to them.


http://ronbigelow.com/articles/abstract-photography/abstract-photography.html (1)


abstract photography

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